The Challenge

How can democracy evolve to better achieve sustainable development?

FDSD brings together civil society, government, business and academia to explore the relationship between sustainable development and democracy and contribute ideas for its adaptation and transformation.

This challenge is also part of the wider pressure on current models of democracy to respond to people’s needs for a different kind of politics and engagement.

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Current themes

We are currently highlighting six inter-related themes:


Latest News & Comment

Time to reach beyond the ‘elite’ | Blog by Simon Roberts

Widespread public participation is important not only for working out the best ideas to tackle complex problems or effectively implement change, but also to create agreement for major transitions in society or the economy. Simon Roberts, CEO of the Centre for Sustainable Energy in Bristol wrote this blog earlier in 2017, summarising a longer paper that argues that otherwise populist reactions against the ‘liberal metropolitan elite’ can undermine efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

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