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Scenarios for the future of democracy in the face of climate change to 2100

Over the course of 2010, with the support of a Future of Humanity Grant from US-based Foundation for the Future, we will be working to develop scenarios on “The Future of Democracy in the Face of Climate Change”.

By generating stories about the future we aim to deliver messages about how we need to act and organise ourselves now.

Our research aims to answer the central question: How might democracy and participatory decision-making have evolved to cope with the challenges of climate change by the years 2050 and 2100?

The research will draw on a series of background research and opinion papers. These will be published as working papers on this website as they become available.

Paper One: Democracy and climate change: why and what matters, Draft 1, March 2010, is now available for download

Paper Two: What is Democracy? Draft 1, March 2010, is now available for download

Paper Three: The Futures of Democracy and of Sustainable Development Governance, available in April 2010

Paper Four: Review of Climate Impact Scenarios, available in May 2010

Over the summer of 2010, we will convene a series of conversations and brainstorming sessions in the UK and internationally to help us develop and test draft scenarios on the future of democracy in the face of climate change. Please contact us if you would like to take part.

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