Monthly Archives: April 2016

Greater than the sum of our parts | Briefing paper on global partnerships for Goal 16

Following a workshop earlier this year, bringing together a range of global partnerships, as well as senior governmental, multilateral and civil society representatives, Saferworld has published a briefing paper: Greater than the sum of our parts – global partnerships for Goal 16 (PDF, 441 KB). Its aim is “to inform and guide discussion about how...

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Disasters & Democracy: Spring Newsletter, April 2016

Our Spring Newsletter is out! The focus this time is on disasters and democracy, and with particular attention to the importance of youth engagement. Contributors draw on experiences in the field after earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand (Bronwyn Hayward); Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, USA (Lori Peek); the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan (Nanami Akiko); and...

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New UK Health Alliance on Climate Change to encourage healthy action on climate change

Many of the key drivers of climate change also cause poor health through air pollution, high saturated fat intake and physical inactivity, argues the recently launched Health Alliance on Climate Change. Responding to climate change, says the group of major health institutions, can simultaneously address these health challenges, making many climate change policies more cost-effective...

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