Halina Ward

Wind farms, the national interest and local democracy

Halina argues that a core challenge is to balance national strategic priority-setting with local community engagement. Using the example of on-shore windfarms, she sets out the questions that need answering: what processes of deliberation?, how far can local choice go?, or when and how can central planning provide leadership?

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Intergenerational fairness, housing and planning policy

Following the suggestions of Intergenerational Foundation’s report Hoarding of Housing: the intergenerational crisis in the housing market, Halina argues that the UK Government has no consistent approach to future generations, and that ‘future generation’ arguments are often used to justify taking things away in the present.

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Clegg’s Horizon Shift: the new politics of the future

On 9th September 2010, UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg called for a “horizon shift” to respond to a political culture and society which has become too short-term. Halina argues that, whilst the analysis is good, the proposed solutions - increased mobility and prosperity - seem inadequate.

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