Posts By: Graham Smith

The EU Referendum, Democracy and Sustainable Development

Graham Smith is Professor of Politics at the Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster and a specialist in democratic innovation and citizen engagement, with a particular interest in climate politics and the representation of future generations. He is the Chair of FDSD’s Board of Trustees. Britain is about to make a fundamental...

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Floods, community resilience and the “civic middle”: learning lessons from Leeds

The floods that hit wide areas of the UK at the end of last year were devastating for many communities. In many places local crisis management was found wanting. But in Leeds, the spontaneously self-organised volunteering infrastructures were exemplary in their response. In a thorough and insightful assessment of Leeds’ post-flood response, written for the...

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Runciman on democratic politics and climate change

How to sustain democratic politics in the face of climate change? This is the central challenge raised by David Runciman, Professor of Politics at the University of Cambridge in this review essay of recent books on climate politics originally published by the London Review of Books. Runciman guides us through the ongoing debate between two...

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