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A call to do politics differently—Blog by Peter Davies

A call to do politics differently

The 2015 Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act requires public bodies in Wales to incorporate public involvement in their decision making. The explicit emphasis on engaging the public reflects the strong views expressed in the national conversation of 2014 that shaped the legislation that “a lack of engagement between the community and the decision makers resulted...

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Welsh Water – a different way of doing business

Peter Davies is an FDSD Trustee and Chairs Welsh Water’s Customer Challenge Group. Where I was born in Pembrokeshire in south west Wales, 61 years ago, our water came from a well. Piped water arrived only after my father dug a ¾ mile trench to connect to the mains. The majority of people around the...

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Charting the course for post-Brexit Britain: Lessons from Wales

  “What we need are conversations about the future we want,” says the FDSD in response to Brexit, citing the Wales We Want conversation as precedent. As a new FDSD Trustee and the former Commissioner for Sustainable Futures in charge of leading that conversation, which played a key role in shaping the Wellbeing of Future...

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