Greater than the sum of our parts | Briefing paper on global partnerships for Goal 16

© UN Photo/Cia Pak

© UN Photo/Cia Pak

Following a workshop earlier this year, bringing together a range of global partnerships, as well as senior governmental, multilateral and civil society representatives, Saferworld has published a briefing paper: Greater than the sum of our parts – global partnerships for Goal 16 (PDF, 441 KB). Its aim is “to inform and guide discussion about how global multi-stakeholder partnerships can most effectively collaborate in support of the 2030 Agenda’s commitment to peaceful, just and inclusive societies.” According to the paper, key action points for collective support are:

  • Fill the gaps through developing new multi-stakeholder partnerships on issues not well covered by existing partnerships.
  • Enhance coordination of existing partnerships through regular meetings, information exchange, and joint action on issues that affect them all.
  • Create a new cross-Goal 16 initiative between stakeholders that are committed to widening support for a single and transformative vision of change.
  • Establish a small group of champion countries that commit to accelerated domestic action on Goal 16 and to comprehensive national monitoring systems.

The full report can be accessed on the Saferworld website. For an overview of Goal 16, please have a look at a FDSD briefing here.

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