Disclosing Sustainability | Wageningen University, 24-25 June 2016


Image (CC BY 2.0) Bert Kaufmann / Flickr


The Transformative Power of Transparency?
Wageningen University, the Netherlands – June 24- 25, 2016

The conference, taking on the subject of transparency as a transformative tool for strengthening democracy and sustainable development, will address questions such as: Does transparency live up to its sustainability promise? Does it enhance the accountability of those perpetuating environmental harm and foster improved environmental outcomes?

There will be three conference streams:

1. Transparency, accountability and empowerment in global environmental governance
2. Transparency and traceability in commodity chains
3. Citizen generated (and citizen–centered) transparency

The detailed programme can be found on the conference website. For registration and further information, please visit transparencyenp2016.com.