FDSD at Rio+20: panel session on defending the public

FDSD co-organised a workshop session in Rio de Janeiro as part of a two-day event Fair ideas: sharing solutions for a sustainable planet hosted by IIED and the Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC)

The event was held at the (PUC) together with The Access Initiative, Center for Ocean Solutions, All China Environment Federation, Ministério Público Federal, and Procuradoria da República no Rio de Janeiro,

The session aimed to:

  • highlight some practical approaches to public participation and defence of the public interest in different settings
  • discuss principles for equipping democracy to deliver sustainable development, and
  • consider options for bringing future generations into public governance.

International Institute for Environment and Development report on the launch of the Manifesto development process at the Fair Ideas Conference at Rio + 20, quoted Halina Ward and John Lotherington.