GlobalNet21 Webinar on Alternative Democracy | w/ Matthew Taylor, Derek Bates and Vicky Pryce


Image (CC BY-NC 2.0) Garrett Coakley / Flickr


Join GlobalNet21 in this online meetup to discuss the state of UK democracy with Scientist Derek Bates, economist Vicky Pryce and Matthew Taylor, CEO of the RSA.

Thursday, February 18, 2016
7:00 PM

“The peoples’ role in how we are governed consists only in putting a cross on a piece of paper once every five years. We live in what is called a Democracy yet we, the electorate have no involvement either in deciding on Government policy or in selecting our representatives. An Ipsos/Mori poll shows that 80% of us believe our politicians do not tell the truth.” In advocating the digitalisation of the political process, the organisers of the event argue, that “Government has yet to recognise that via our mobile phones, emails and websites we can have a genuine democracy.”

An insightful overview to the topic of Online Democracy, written by Derek Bates in August 2015, can be accessed from the Open Democracy Platform. The Webinar will be facilitated by Christiana Fatoki of VisionPR.

For information and registration to the webinar, go >> here.