Nature’s Rights: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle | Brussels, 29 March

Ecosystems and species are alive. Yet current law treats them as objects, property and resources. This has wide-reaching consequences that are driving the ongoing destruction of the biosphere.

Nature’s rights are a solution, many argue, bringing fundamental and systemic transformation to our legal and economic systems by re-characterising nature as a subject of the law with legal personality and tangible rights that can be defended in court.

Enshrined in constitutional, national and local laws around the world and actively promoted by the UN Harmony with Nature Initiative, nature’s rights are the missing piece of the puzzle.

The Event will take place on Wednesday March 29th from 13:00- 15:00 at The European Parliament in Brussels. For registration and further details about the speakers, please visit the dedicated Eventbrite page.

Image: (CC-BY-NC) :: John Potter / Flickr (modified)