Civil society and business

The worrying rise of anti-democratic sentiments amongst climate scientists

In his latest essay Climate Policy: Democracy is not an inconvenience, Professor Nico Stehr – founding director of the European Center for Sustainability Research – reflects on the growing number of climate scientists who are not only expressing their impatience with Western democracies, but openly practise their sympathy for authoritarian political approaches. “Scientific disenchantment with...

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The Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainability – reflections and background

FDSD’s first programme of work, 2009 to 2013, culminated in a Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainability, the guiding principles being: We cherish sustainability: meeting the needs of people now without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. But today, human activities have exceeded the earth’s natural limits. As a species we have...

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The State of Europe’s Environment

In March the European Environment Agency  published its State and Outlook Environment Report (SOER) 2015 (available here). The report highlights innovations in governance needed for long term sustainability. In addition, a section of the SOER website highlights global megatrends affecting the European Environment, one of which is Diversifying Approaches to Governance. Authors suggest key factors in diversifying...

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The Climate Knowledge Brokers’ Manifesto wants more synthesis, collaboration & translation of climate-related information

  Climate Knowledge Brokers (CKB) Group is an emerging alliance of leading global, regional and national knowledge brokers specialising in climate and development information. They launched a Manifesto on September 17th 2015, to better acknowledge the critical role of people who synthesise, filter or translate climate-related information in enabling the best possible decisions to be...

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The World Business Council for Sustainable Business: thought leadership, practical action & work with governments

The World Business Council for Sustainable Business “is a CEO-led organization of forward-thinking companies that galvanizes the global business community to create a sustainable future for business, society and the environment.” It provides thought leadership and works on specific sectors and clusters of business activity. It also plays an advocacy role for business, recognising that business and...

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Carbon Conversations: “a supportive group experience that helps people halve their personal carbon footprint”

Copyright: Carbon Conversations

Carbon Conversations “offer a supportive group experience that helps people halve their personal carbon footprint through facilitated discussions.” The Surefoot Effect, a community interest company, manages the Carbon Conversations programme. It also delivers values-based change workshops, some of which are based on Common Cause. “The Surefoot Effect equips people with lifelong skills for sustainability. Our approach...

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The first people’s Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainability and website Platform

The Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainability, was launched on 20th March 2013, with 81 individual founder signatories and initially 16 organisations. It includes six Principles and associated commitments whose purpose it to transform democracy to become a powerful force for sustainability. For reflections on the process of creating the Manifesto and on outcomes, further background information...

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People’s Climate March

NYC People's Climate March; Copyright: Robert van Waarden, Survival Media Agency; Creative Commons Zero Licence

The People’s Climate March is an international anti-climate change project, that started out on 21 September 2014 with more than 300,000 people advocating political action against climate change. Although based in New York, the event was global in scope and implication, and was conceived as a response to the scheduled U.N. Climate Summit of world...

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