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With democracy becoming an endangered species, is sustainability in peril? | A reflection by Sara Parkin, November 2018

With democracy becoming an endangered species, is sustainability in peril? | Sara Parkin, Nov 2018

In 2008, Sara Parkin wrote a ‘provocation’ for the Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development: “Are Political Parties getting in the way of the sort of collaborative democracy we need to tackle sustainability? If so, what can we do about it?” Ten years later, she revisits her thinking "in the light", she says "of the corruption of our current democratic systems".

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All parties for tomorrow: A new APPG for Future Generations

A new All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Future Generations, launched in January 2018, aims to raise the profile of future generations amongst UK parliamentarians and others. . Chaired by Daniel Zeichner, MP, the new group will “​raise awareness of long-term issues, explore ways to internalise longer-term considerations into decision-making processes, and create​ ​space​ ​for​ ​cross-party dialogue​ ​on​ ​​combating​ ​short-termism​ ​​in​ ​policymaking.”

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Partnership and participation: Welsh plans reflect FDSD priorities

When the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales put out a draft strategic plan for consultation last year, FDSD submitted a response emphasising the need for effective partnership and public engagement. We are delighted to find that the newly published final plan includes a strong emphasis on both themes.

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New APPG for Cross-Party Dialogue on Future Generations

An All-Parliamentary Group for Future Generations has just been set up in the House of Commons with the aim to “raise the profile of issues affecting future generations in Parliament and explore ways to institutionalise representation of future generations.” It is chaired by Daniel Ziechner, MP.

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World Development Within Planetary Boundaries | Johan Rockström Lecture, Guildford 2 Nov 2017

The advent of the Anthropocene, the scientific recognition of the remarkably stable state of the Earth system during the Holocene Inter-glacial, the rising evidence of global risks of crossing Earth tipping points and the signs of a gradual decline in Earth resilience, constitute overwhelming evidence for the need of a deep mind-shift. Societies, business, Nations and the world at large, need to reconnect to the biosphere, and transform to world development within the safe operating space of a stable and resilient planet.

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Decentralised Development Cooperation—the new driver for SDG implementation

Development cooperation isn’t only a matter between national governments anymore, a recent article by Stefano Marta and Aziza Akhmouch from the OECD finds - collaboration proves to be rather successful between local and regional authorities in different countries too. The process known as “decentralized development cooperation” has become a real driver for regional self-determination and active development work – in particular with regards to the SDGs.

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