Future Generations

TEDx event on future generations and intergenerational justice

The Minister for Future Generations, Septima Tulisa, steps back in time from the year 2050 to give a stark warning about how the world might end up if we don’t start building long-termism into all our decisions. The Minister, played by FDSD Director Halina Ward, comes from a future where humans left it very late indeed before they began to address the needs of future generations. Her plea is that we must not do the same…

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Save the world’s only Commissioner for Future Generations

When FDSD learned that new administrative arrangements for Hungary’s Commissioner for Future Generations could water down the role of this unique institution, despite strengthened protection for the environment and future generations in Hungary’s new constitution, we drafted an urgent sign-on letter to MEP József Szájer.

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Joint letter to Mr Cameron: We want a ‘New Politics of the Future’

Ten civil society chief executives, including FDSD, signed an open letter calling on Prime Minister David Cameron to go beyond his pledge for a ‘New Politics’ to adopt a “New Politics of the Future” since short-termism is hampering progress on tackling climate change; as well as changing demographics; youth unemployment; and environmental and social injustice.

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