Hungarian Parliament’s Deputy Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, the Ombudsman for Future Generations

Hungarian Parliament Building lit up at night

The Commissioner for Fundamental Rights in Hungary is responsible particularly for the rights of children, nationalities in Hungary, vulnerable social groups, and the interests of future generations. He or she has Deputy Commissioners, elected by the Hungarian Parliament, one of whom is responsible for the protection of the interests of future generations and is known as the Ombudsman for Future Generations.

The Commissioner (and relevant Deputy) can give an opini0n on draft laws which affect future generations, and on “plans and concepts otherwise directly affecting the quality of life of future generations”. They can be petitioned by people who feel that public bodies are infringing fundamental rights, with the potential for review of legal rules in the Constitutional Court.

This approach to future generations, which is in effect one of representation of future interests, arose out of the 2011 new constitution which includes responsibility to descendants, protection for the living conditions of future generations, common heritage and puts the obligations or government, states and people. Another role is to ensure the provision of strong scientific information to parliament.

Before 2011 there was the Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Future Generations with what was more commonly called the Ombudsman for Future Generations who could stop environmentally damaging legislation through a constitutional mandate for the right to a healthy environment.