FDSD staff and trustees write articles for mainstream and specialist media. You can find examples below.

The Tools For Democracy

Halina Ward, September 25 2013, SGI News

“In order to overcome the short-termism that plagues the practice of democracy… Do we need a new type of citizen?”

Building a movement for democracy and sustainable development

Halina Ward, March 2013, Richard Sandbrook Trust website

Effective sustainable development requires effective democracy, but can democracy in practice move fast enough for the challenges we now face?” Halina Ward explores the challenges of democracy and outlines a road map for the future.

A Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainability

Halina Ward, John Lotherington and Nick Aveling, 20 March 2013, Huffington Post UK

Sets out the problem of short-termism in politics using primarily climate change as an example of the challenges it is ill equipped to handle. The authors then outline and promote the newly launched Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainability and related Platform.

Committing to the future we want

Halina Ward summarises her paper Committing to the future we want: a High Commissioner for Future Generations at Rio+20 for Outreach, a multi-stakeholder magazine on climate change and sustainable development, March 2012.

The sustainability wheels are coming off our democracy: shall we fix it?

Nicolò Wojewoda, 11 September 2012, Otesha website

Democracy “Beyond the Money”: a Principle for a Manifesto on Democracy and Sustainable Development

Halina Ward, 7 September 2012, Huffington Post Opinions

Democracy and sustainability: a joint cause

Halina Ward and Clare Shine, 3 September 2012, openDemocracy

“A new manifesto argues that the advance of democracy and of sustainable development is at heart a shared endeavour.” The authors explain the initiative’s purpose and invite support, outlining the intention of the Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainablity and promoting involvement.

Equipping Democracy to Deliver Sustainable Development

Halina Ward, 16 June 2012, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development website

“Environmental and social challenges like climate change are accelerating faster than the ability of current forms of democracy to cope. This think piece raises four challenges faced by democracy … a need for long-term thinking to ensure that actions are taken now to forestall the risk of possibly extreme climate change … politicians tend to prioritize economic growth over societal goals … retaining and nurturing an active commitment to vibrant democracy while allowing expertise—and science—space to offer insights and inform policy … a globally coordinated response.”

We need a ministry for future generations for our children’s sake

John Elkington, 23 November 2011, The Guardian

Blog on FDSD’s IPSOS-Mori poll, Halina Ward’s TEDx talk as a fictional Minster of Future Generations from 2050 and the Future Generation Minster website.

Who Cares More About Future Generations in the UK? The Government or the Public?

Halina Ward, 20 November 2011, Huffington Post Opinions

Halina discusses the results of the IPSOS-Mori poll commissioned by FDSD and the Intergenerational Foundation.

Age of Austerity Must not Become an Age Without Integrity

Halina Ward, 11 July 2011, Huffington Post Opinions

In the light of phone-hacking, police pay-offs and MPs’ expenses scandals, plus the publication of a National Integrity Assessment. Halina ward warns that austerity measures must not undermine the ability to challenge corruption.

Mulling over a “right to manage”

Halina Ward, 13 May 2011, PopSe website

Halina ponders the implications of a ‘community right to manage’ and the pros and cons for sustainable development.

International Democracy Day: work to do

Halina Ward and John Elkington, 15 September 2009, openDemocracy

Halina Ward and John Elkington argue that whilst links between democracy and sustainable development have been created at international level, for example through the Aarhus Convention, without change, the poor may become disillusioned with their democracies and leaders as, for example, climate change bites.

ISO 26000: Social responsibility talks tread on government toes

Halina Ward, 15 May 2009, Ethical Corporation

Halina Ward, then Director of the Environment Foundation, wrote in Ethical Corporation that a proposed new statutory international guidance standard on social responsibility is creating concerns in the US and China particularly that this guidance could distort international law, or impact on national laws.

Can democracy save the planet?

John Lotherington and John Elkington, 24 April 2008, openDemocracy

This article summaries discussions at a Consultation on Democracy and Sustainability held at the Science Museum on 18 March 2008. The authors argue that democracy is essential to sustainability, particularly by enabling the power and insight of people throughout society, but needs to mutute and evolve.