FDSD in the media

Our work often gets reported in the media. We have listed some of the links below so you can see the range and impact of our activities.

Sürdürülebilirlik için demokrasi şart

Didem ERYAR ÜNLÜ, 4 July 2014, DÜNYA Online

Report in Turkish on the Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainability

Demokrasisiz Sürdürülebilirlik Anasonsuz Rakı Gibi!

Haberi Paylaşın, 29 May 2014

Report in Turkish on the Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainability

A manifesto for democracy and sustainability

Rebecca Gibbs, 23 August 2013

Posting on a UK Government website: “The Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development has been leading a process to develop the world’s first people’s manifesto for democracy and sustainable development, starting from the assumption that democracy and sustainability require one another and that ‘each is weakened when the other isn’t strong’.”

La democracia en peligro por el cambio climático

Inaplazable frenar el calentamiento global, según ONG

Comment in Spanish on an FDSD letter to Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon

Halina Ward (FDSD) on representing future generations

Intergenerational Foundation website, May 2013

Halina Ward was interviewed at the European Science Foundation workshop on Representing Future Generations at the Munich School of Philosophy, May 2013

Democracy and sustainability

Dean Tony La Viña, 23 March 2013, Manila Standard Today

Founding signatory of the Manifesto on Democracy and Sustainability and Dean of the Ateneo School of Government in the Philippines, discusses the launch of the Manifesto and Platform.

Manifesto For Democracy And Sustainability Sets Out A Global Agenda For Action

20 March 2013

Report on the launch of the Manifesto and the Democracy and Sustainability Platform website on the Cynnal Cymru / Sustain Wales website

Manifest für Demokratie und Nachhaltigkeit

Lili Fuhr, 20 March 2013, Klima der Gerechtigkeit website

Report on the launch of the Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainability

Sustainability agenda ignores democracy at its peril

20 March 2013

The Institute for International Environment and Development (IIED) reports that: “World’s first people’s manifesto for democracy and sustainability sets out a global agenda for action. World leaders have failed to make democracy fit for purpose to tackle the major environmental and social threats facing humanity…”

Democracy can deliver long term growth, but it’s not doing so yet

The East African, 19 January 2013

Interview with Halina Ward prior to the launch of the Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainable Development

Kutegemea Demokrasia Kuleta Maendeleo Endelevu

Busani Bafana, 4 January 2013, Inter Press Service

Interview with Halina about the Manifesto prior to its launch in Swahili

Q&A: Depending on democracy to deliver sustainable development

Busani Bafana, December 2012, Inter Press Service

Halina Ward was interviewed about how the proposed Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainability could be a useful resource in Africa, and would benefit from African input.

Christian Ecology Links

Annual Members’ Meeting, London, 17 November 2012

Short report on a workshop, Planning For Future Generations, given by Halina Ward

Amisha Ghadiali – The Futures Interview

Christina Rebel, Think Act Vote website, 10 April 2012

Interview with former FDSD trustee Amisha Ghadiali about how to use creative energy to solve the world’s problems, using the particular example of the fashion industry.

Proposal for Ombudsperson for Future Generations Published

Short report on joint FDSD and World Future Council proposal for a Future Generations Ombudsman to be proposed at Rio+20, February 2012 by International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD).

Is the government too short-sighted with our future?

Channel 4 News website, 20 November 2011

An interview with Dr Sándor Fülöp referencing the FDSD and Intergenerational Foundation’s IPSOS-Mori poll and quoting Halina Ward: “The Coalition Government claims it has adopted a ‘horizon shift’ towards long-term thinking. As our research shows, the public thinks they are failing. We need new institutions and policies to safeguard future generations, not just fine words.”

Opinion: The Social Liberal Conference was a major success

Lee Dargue, 20 June 2011, Liberal Democrat Voice

Referencing “an amazingly clued up Halina Ward”.

Social Liberal Forum Conference

By Paula Keaveney, 19 June 2011

“I personally was particularly interested to hear from… Halina Ward, an expert on the concept of sustainable development.”

Social Liberal Forum conference marks a return to values-driven policy discourse

Pratek Buck, 21 June 2011, Left Foot Forward

Blog which comments on the “sharp green campaigner Halina Ward”.

Policy Games

By Adrian Hon, 19 June 2011, Mssv blog site

Blog which comments on an event at the Social Liberal Forum Conference: “Halina Ward gave a very detailed and well-constructed critique of the government’s (lack of) sustainable development strategy, which went sadly unaddressed by Chris Huhne, or indeed anyone else in the room”.

Government pledges needed on Rio+20

6 June 2011

Open letter to David Cameron, signed by Halina Ward for FDSD together with 20 signatories, and with a shortened version published in The Guardian

Harrabin’s notes: Is the UK facing ‘green subsidence’?

Roger Harrabin, 4 March 2011, BBC News website, Science and Environment pages

Report on how the government’s strategy document Embedding Sustainability at the Heart of Government was widely criticised, and particularly by the soon to be abolished Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) and Chair of the Commons’ Environmental Audit Committee tasked with taking over the SDC’s functions. FDSD’s Halina Ward is quoted: “The coalition government is making itself vulnerable to policy subsidence… That’s what you get when a policy is based in no more than rhetoric.”

Analysis: Doomed by democracy?

Justin Rowlatt, 20 May 2010, BBC Radio 4

“Governments might legitimately exercise emergency powers in wartime so”, argues Professor James Lovelock. “They should have similar powers to deal with the threat of global warming – even if that means abandoning democracy.”

The BBC’s ‘Ethical Man’ Justin Rowlatt looks at whether Professor Lovelock is right to be so pessimistic about democratic societies’ ability to act in the interests of future generations and interviews Halina Ward.

The BBC: Official Voice of Ecofascism

James Delingbole, 31 May 2010, The Telegraph

Reviewing Radio 4’s Analysis: Doomed by Democracy? Delingbole refers to Halina Ward’s comments.

The gathering storm

James MacIntyre, 17 September 2009, New Statesman

In the wake of the floods in Bangladesh, the article identifies climate change as a social justice issue with its effects hitting poorest people hardest, in the wake of floods in Bangladesh. Halina Ward is quoted with reference to an FDSD letter to UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon.