A possible pathway to building revolutionary change for ‘democracy, environmental justice and sustainable development’


In the absence of a visionary text setting out the intersections between democracy, environmental justice and sustainable development, Charles Secrett argues that we need to draft a core text, and then rely on the wisdom of crowds to develop it.

“Can we find that transformative, non-violent route-map that can lift us out of the mess we have created and toward a more fulfilling society…”

Such a document would need to cover policies, market arrangements, institutions, constitutional frameworks, culture and community, as well as technologies and infrastructure.

He believes that NGOs could be part of the “first, peaceful system-transforming game-changer in history!” but only if they collaborate more, and go beyond just trying to change policy. And people have to recognise their power as citizens, consumers or shareholders.

Charles also sets out the elements for successful revolutions, as well as sustainable and prosperous civilisations. He argues that to forward we need to overcome today’s fragmentation in society, share power, and deal with the inevitable trade-offs between different interests.

Charles Secrett, December 2009

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