The effects of ‘Brexit’ on European climate change action | Tom Burke in interview with ThinkProgress

In an interview with ThinkProgress, Tom Burke, chairman of the environmental organization E3G, argues that UK withdrawal from the EU would adversely affect action against climate change, and that this has been neglected in the referendum debate: “Britain has been the most significant country pushing a higher ambition inside the EU and if you took Britain out of the EU there’s nobody who would really replace the role Britain has played in driving up ambition and the European climate targets”. He points to the print media as having done a bad job explaining to the public the stakes involved in Brexit: “You are looking at a public that’s pretty poorly informed about the actual consequences and has been, in a sense, left to see this as some sort of internal battle within the Conservative Party, which to most sensible people doesn’t sound like a compelling reason to join in.”

The full article can be accessed on the ThinkProgress website.

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