Research Handbook on Climate Governance, edited by Karin Bäckstrand & Eva Lövbrand

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With their Research Handbook on Climate Governance, Karin Bäckstrand and Eva Lövbrand assembled a cutting-edge collection of essays that critically look at the changing landscape of climate governance after the 2009 United Nations climate conference in Copenhagen. The compendium provides a rich offering of theoretical and empirical reflections and is addressed to students and researchers alike to help them think creatively about governance needs and opportunities in the face of the nascent climate change.

Professor Philipp Pattberg from VU University Amsterdam applauds the editors to have “masterfully fashioned a magnificent tour d’horizon of a wide range of climate-related topics, from the normative dimensions of climate governance to its concrete modes of operation and technological underpinnings.” Professor Andy Jordan from the University of East Anglia is even convinced that “this comprehensive and expertly edited Handbook … will become the standard reference for years to come.”

The collection has been published by Edward Elgar Publishing Limited and is available for purchase on their websites.